Fusion Tips

This library allows MapTip and fires mouseover/mouseout event for FusionTableLayers. It uses mouse cursor tracking and pause delay to trigger FusionTableQuery. It is not true mouseover event, but should suit most use cases.

For a description and examples of how to use this library, check out the how-to.

class FusionTablesLayer

These are new methods added to the Google Maps API's FusionTablesLayer class.


Methods Return Value Description
disableMapTips() None Disable map tips for the fusion layer.
enableMapTips(opts:MapTipOptions) None Enable map tips for the fusion layer. The user can hover over a fusion feature, pause for a small time, then get a map tip.


Events Arguments Description
mouseout None This event is fired when the mouse out of a fusion feature.
mouseover mouseevent:FusionTablesMouseEvent This event is fired when the mouse over a fusion feature. Contains: infoWindowHtml, latLng, row.

class MapTipOptions

This class represents the optional parameter passed into google.maps.FusionTablesLayer.enableMapTips. There is no constructor for this class. Instead, this class is instantiated as a javascript object literal.


Properties Type Description
delay number optional. milliseconds mouse pause before send a server query. default 500.
from String required. fusion table id.
geometryColumn String required. fusion table's geometry column name.
key String optional. key to use in query
select String required. list of columns (by comma) to query, typically need only one column. e.g "'Store Name','Address'"
style Object optional. the css style of map tip.
suppressMapTips bool optional, whether to show map tips. default false
tolerance number required. tolerance in pixel around mouse. default is 6.